Youth Roundtables

Youth Roundtables Series One

Young people in Los Angeles move mountains. They have led social movements, broken barriers in art, poetry, activism, and athletics, and they are shaping the future of Los Angeles.

But LA's youth have also experienced significant crises in their education and development. From institutional racism to COVID-19, our youth need support, resources and guidance - but most of all, they need someone to listen.

In the fall of 2020, LA Civil Rights and the LA City Human Relations Commission hosted a Youth Roundtable series. Private virtual conversations where youth from around Los Angeles could share their experiences during the pandemic, their hopes for the future, and their challenges in getting there.

The result of the Youth Roundtable Series has inspired the programming and direction of LA Civil Rights' work to support LA's youth. 

This series included the voices of minors, and to protect their privacy, video recordings of the roundtables will not be made available to the public.