Discrimination Enforcement

Have a question about discrimination and your rights under civil and human rights law? Submit a discrimination inquiry with the button below. 

The LA Civil Rights discrimination enforcement program is not yet active. However, if you have a question about your rights under discrimination law or are seeking a referral, please click the button below to fill out a discrimination inquiry form.

Filing a discrimination inquiry does not mean a discrimination complaint has been filed. After you file a discrimination inquiry, a member of our team will reach out to you within three business days. 

You can also learn more about civil rights protections in housing and employment under California law at www.dfeh.ca.gov.

Please note that we are not legal representatives and cannot provide legal advice or services.


LA's first Discrimination Enforcement program is launching soon - file an inquiry to learn more about your rights.

What is LA Civil Rights?

We are the City of Los Angeles’ civil and human rights agency tasked with enforcing the City’s Civil and Human Rights Law. Our enforcement division is central to achieving the Department’s overall mission of building diversity, equity and accountability. 

It is also within our discretion to pursue or refer discrimination complaints on a case by case basis and as deemed appropriate by our Director of Enforcement and General Manager.

When LA Civil Rights has authority to take on a discrimination case, the individual or individuals who filed the discrimination complaint have the option to go through our investigation and enforcement process, or proceed on their own in state court.

What kind of discrimination enforcement does LA Civil Rights provide?

The Los Angeles Civil + Human Rights and Equity Department (LA Civil Rights) has authority to investigate claims of discrimination in the private sector only. Alleged discriminatory practices must meet the following criteria:

  1. Must have taken place within the City of Los Angeles.
  2. Must be within three years of the intake form submission date.
  3. Must be in the private sector only including commerce, education, employment and housing.

LA Civil Rights does not have the authority to investigate complaints against public entities including other city departments, or complaints related to discrimination in employment and housing which are encompassed by the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA).

For assistance with discrimination complaints that are not within the purview of LA Civil Rights or claims outside of the City of Los Angeles, please visit our resources page here.

Administrative Hearing and Appeal Process: The person against whom a complaint is filed (“Respondent”) may challenge the Notice of Violation by requesting an Administrative Hearing, resulting in an Administrative Ruling. LA Civil Rights or the Respondent may seek an appeal of an Administrative Ruling under an abuse of discretion standard before the Commission on Civil Rights. Click here to learn more about the Administrative Rules & Procedures.

State Law: State law controls the enforcement of housing and employment violations for certain protected classes. Filing a discrimination complaint with LA Civil Rights does not preclude pursuing any other available remedies. Learn more about the State of California’s Department of Fair Housing and Employment at www.dfeh.ca.gov.

Confidentiality: Please note that personal, identifying information entered into this form will remain confidential to the extent permitted by law unless and until the complaint proceeds to a Notice of Violation issued by LA Civil Rights to the respondent.

Retaliation Prohibited: Retaliation against any person for exercising rights protected by the City of Los Angeles’ Civil Rights Law is prohibited.