Stop Hate Videos & More

LA Civil Rights has hosted a number of programs in English and Spanish on preventing and responding to hate on Channel 35, Telemundo, Facebook Live, and more. Watch some of our many programs below. To find more videos, visit our YouTube channel.

"The Future of Hate Prevention" on Channel 35:

LA Civil Rights en Telemundo52 para una charla sobre odio:

"No Place For Hate" on Channel 35:

Further Reading:

Hate crimes and incidents are rising across the nation - including in Los Angeles. It is vital that we track these hate crimes and incidents, so that preventative policies and programs can be developed to keep all Angelenos safe.

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) releases reported hate crime statistics within the City of LA each year. Read the 2020 report here.

Stop AAPI Hate tracks hate incidents against the Asian American and Pacific Islander community across Los Angeles County, California, and the United States. Read their published reports here.

The Los Angeles County Commission on Human Relations publishes annual reports on hate crimes and incidents in LA County. Read the 2019 report here.

Explore Justice is a video series which gives an opportunity to challenge our own prejudices by educating ourselves on social justice topics and issues that many are still experiencing today.

California State University San Bernardino's Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism publishes data, research and reports on hate crime and extremism across the United States. Learn more here.

The Anti-Defamation League publishes an interactive Hate Crime Map, where users can track hate crimes across the United States. View the map here.

The Center for Strategic & International Studies published research in 2020 on the rise of white supremacist acts of terror in the United States. Read the report here.