Sheroes in the time of COVID-19

Posted on 03/19/2021

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The pandemic has caused tremendous disruption, loss and sorrow. It has changed our day to day lives with the closure of businesses, schools and it has restricted our ability to gather and be social. This pandemic has called many of us to take on new roles, conduct our old roles differently, and be nothing short of Sheroes. For Women's History Month, the Los Angeles Commission on the Status of Women (LACSW) is asking you to help us identify a Shero in the time of COVID.

What does it mean to be a Shero in the time of COVID-19? It means being innovative, bold, kind and working to help families and the community to survive and thrive in this unprecedented time. For some women, this meant thinking of innovative ways to engage students via zoom, and for others having to assume teaching responsibilities in their own homes. Some are on the front lines in fighting the virus in community clinics and hospitals, some on the front lines at local store checkout counters or in restaurant kitchens preparing take-out meals so families could safely access groceries and a warm meal. Some women expanded and helped re-imagine new ways to provide vital community services, and others are taking care of the elderly and regularly checking in on neighbors.

The LACSW will accept nominations from the community and recognize the stories of 20 Angelinas who have performed acts of kindness and worked tirelessly to help the City overcome COVID-19. To ensure this acknowledgement is performed thoughtfully and safely, the LACSW will provide all honorees with a formal award certification and feature their stories on the LA Civil Rights website. Awardees will be recognized in a formal ceremony in City Hall once it is safe to gather.

Nominees must be individuals who identify as women, live in the City of Los Angeles or those who work for the City of Los Angeles and have made a significant impact for residents during the COVID-19 pandemic. We welcome nominations from anyone who lives in the City of Los Angeles.

- The nominations period is open now until March 31, 2021.
- The 20 recipients of the awards will be announced in April 2021.
- A date for a formal award ceremony is forthcoming.

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