REAL TALK: A Youth Engagement Event

Posted on 04/14/2021

LOS ANGELES - As a part of it's ongoing Youth Engagement and Upward Mobility events, the Civil + Human Rights and Equity Department (LA Civil Rights) hosted 'REAL TALK,' a youth engagement event on digital safety and mental health.

This interactive webinar welcomed young people from across Los Angeles to hear form experts about protecting their digital footprint, navigating the pitfalls of life online, and gain mental health tips from a diverse array of experts and panelists. Speakers include:

  • Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez, City of Los Angeles' Council District 7
  • Jonathan Cristall, author of "What They Don't Teach Teens"
  • Dr. Kenji Jones, Psychological Counselor at Cal State LA
  • Raul Diaz, Activist and Organizer with Homeboy Industries

Everyone who goes online leaves a digital footprint. Think about it as your digital DNA. It consists of the data you leave behind when you shop online, send emails, blog, post, like, and share. Importantly, it includes what other people share digitally about you. With every click, your footprint grows. It can be buried but not completely erased. As such, the digital trail may form the basis of someone's judgment about you for employment, college admission and more. Fair or not, your digital DNA affects your life now and into the future.

After a very online and virtual year, this conversation allows young people learn from experts on how to manage their social media presence, digital footprint, stay safe and take care of themselves online while protecting their identity, and also hear from people with lived experiences growing up in LA - and how they overcame challenges to find success.