NEW EPISODES: Human Relations Commission Presents New Podcast "LA Together"

Posted on 02/28/2023
A palm-tree lined street at sunset is shown. Text over photo reads "LA TOGETHER, a storytelling project by the Human Relations Commission. LA Civil Rights."

LOS ANGELES - The City of Los Angeles' Human Relations Commission released a new podcast today called "LA TOGETHER" a five-episode series featuring real and intimate conversations between Angelenos on some of the greatest issues of our time. Commissioner Stacy Twilley hosts the program on veteran homelessness, immigrants in food service, Indigenous histories, raising a transgender child, and more.

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The podcast will drop new episodes every Tuesday.

Episode One: A Soldiers Home on February 7, 2023. This episode will feature a conversation between two veterans, their struggles with homelessness, and their attempts to access care and seek reform at the Veteran's Home in Brentwood. 

Episode Two: The Main Ingredient, What it is really like for immigrants in LA's kitchens. The backbone of most restaurants is the people behind the scenes. With over 30,000 restaurants in Los Angeles join as we take a deep dive into the lives of two immigrant restauranteurs.

Episode Three: Trans Kids, Being transgender in America is hard, but coming out as a transgender child is even harder. In face of shifting identities, political battles, and issues of belonging, we ask the question: How is it like for a transgender child to come out in LA? Join a conversation between Eden Luna of the Los Angeles Transgender Advisory Council, Anne the parent of two twins, and Stacy Twilley on the experiences of transgender children and their upbringing in today’s society.

Episode Four: Dodger Blues, In a city full of Dodger fans, many Angelenos have a unique story tied to the famous Dodger Stadium. But underneath the iconic baseball stadium is an often-overlooked history of community resilience and pain. Eminent domain failed promises of public housing, forced removal, and the erasure of three thriving Mexican American communities - Palo Verde, La Loma, and Bishop -  are all a part of the Dodger Stadium story. Listen to two direct descendants share their traumatic family histories of being forcibly removed from Palo Verde, the community now buried under Dodger Stadium.

Episode Five: The Original Angelenos, Who are the First People of (what is now called) Los Angeles? Together we dive deep into the Tongva and Tataviam tribes, the Indigineous people of Southern California, and their past, present and future. Featuring two leaders from the LA City & County Native American Indian Commission.

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LA TOGETHER is produced by the Los Angeles Human Relations Commission with help from USC Annenberg Media Center.