Breaking Bread with the NFL Media

Posted on 03/12/2021

LOS ANGELES - LA Civil Rights, along with Brotherhood Crusade and the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), convened a virtual event on February 26th between high school students and leaders at the NFL Network. This youth engagement and upward mobility event brought together 50 students from underserved LAUSD schools to meet with on-air talent, behind-the-scenes management and more leaders at the NFL Network to learn about how they built their careers.

This program is a part of an ongoing series led by our Department to provide LA's youth with career-readiness and engagement opportunities to foster brighter futures. Special thanks to Everytable and the Mayor's Fund for providing meals for each student - and to all our NFL Media participants for their time and mentorship.

Speakers included:

  • MJ Acosta, On-Air Talent, NFL Network
  • Marc Van Norden, VP, Technical Operations, NFL Network
  • Yasmin Youssef, Legal, NFL Network
  • Richard Gitahi, Director, Business Administration, NFL Network
  • Steve Wyche, On-Air Talent, NFL Network
  • Cameron Lynch, Former Player/Legends Development, NFL Network