Stacy Twilley

Commissioner Stacy Twilley
Vice President

Stacy Twilley is a Los Angeles-based entrepreneur, humanitarian and co-founder of Modern Luxury Media, the largest city regional magazine company in the United States. Publishing monthly magazines in 14 cities, Stacy helped create and establish the largest network of local city editors to address the people and ideas important to the communities they served, in diverse cities including Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Manhattan, Dallas, Houston, Miami, and Washington D.C.   

Throughout her career, Stacy has been devoted to promoting local and national civic engagement. Stacy is founder of two national non-profit projects:, to promote community involvement and local volunteering (2008-2010); and The Youth Advisory Council, the high school girls’ component of Off the Sidelines, an organization that supports women running for political office (2013-2016). She also wrote and produced a documentary for PBS, narrated by Meryl Streep, called A Welcome for Every Child, about childcare issues in the United States; and associate produced two other PBS documentaries, one about immigration called Of Hopes and Fears, and another called Vietnam: The Next Generation, about young American and Vietnamese in Saigon working together peacefully in a place where their parents were at war.

As a humanitarian, Stacy has served as global ambassador of International Medical Corps, an international NGO headquartered in Santa Monica, California (2004– present). In 2016, she traveled to Ethiopia to visit the UNHCR refugee camps on the border of South Sudan to advocate for GBV services and safe spaces for women and girls who have fled the war, and all of whom have been victims of sexual violence. In 2008, she traveled to Jordan with IMC and National Geographic to work with Iraqi refugee teen girls to introduce a pilot refugee mental health program, which has since been adopted in several countries. In 2009 Stacy wrote, edited and published A Thousand Words: Photos from the Field, a photography book commemorating IMC’s 25th anniversary, and featuring the work of award-winning photographers and journalists from around the globe.

Stacy serves weekly as a volunteer in the Child Life Department at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, where she works with families and children in the Cardiac Care Unit, and she was recently appointed to CHLA’s Child Life Council.

Having lived in Los Angeles for more than twenty years and raised her three daughters here, Stacy is deeply dedicated to Los Angeles and its diverse communities, families and citizens and believes that every Angeleno deserves for their voice to be heard. Stacy earned a Bachelors of Arts in Journalism from the University of Michigan and a Masters of Arts in Social Science from the University of Chicago.