Nancy Rubin

Photo of Nancy Rubin

Nancy Rubin was confirmed by the Senate as an Ambassador in 1997. She served as US
representative to the UN Commission on Human Rights. She is an activist in an effort to
assure women and girls have recourse to accessing their rights and resources. Nancy has
advanced the interests of women in 3 terms of White House service. She advocated for
women’s rights by assuring that all regulatory impact statements had to take into consideration
the impact on women.

She currently is a member of California Women’s Trusteeship, a Commissioner for Women,
Refugees and Children, and Board member of the Council of Foreign Relations. She has
focused on women’s rights for Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International. She sat on
board of Women for Women International, Brookings Expert Committee on UN human rights
mechanisms, UN Women’s US National Committee, Advisory Council for Unifem. She worked
with leaders of the movement, Gloria Steinem and Betty Freidan, and participated in 1985 and
1995 World Conference on the Status of Women and served on the board of Women, Men, and

She has spoken broadly on women’s rights at the UN, in countries of conflict, and countries
writing new constitutions, and countries dealing with police forces’ approach to women. She
chaired Women Law and Development internationally. As far back as the 70’s, she co-chaired
The Women’s Research Campaign and currently addresses needs particular to women and
children in her human rights, refugees, and mental health work. She also served as Director
International Human Rights law group (now called Global Rights). She chaired the Coalition for
Women in International Development, and served on the Women’s Leadership Board of
Harvard University School of Government. She has lectured at Universities such as Salzburg
Institute, Yale, Stanford, Harvard and the Air Force Academy. She has been an active voice for
passage of ERA and CEDAW.