Connor Ripple

Connor Ripple Headshot
Design Intern

Connor Ripple is a Design Intern with the Civil + Human Rights and Equity Department, assisting the Discrimination Enforcement team. 

Connor was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, and grew up in Petaluma, Northern California. He is a second-year student at UCLA majoring in Communication with double minors in film and digital humanities. During his first year of school, he started as a representative in student government and began a role with TikTok, spearheading numerous DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) projects and marketing campaigns. 

He is a multi-passionate storyteller, content creator, and designer, where his content garners millions of monthly impressions online. He creates videos about college admissions, resources for students, and ways to make studying easier. He regularly creates content for various companies, including @TikTok and @UCLA’s various social media channels, and has worked with brands like Amazon Alexa, the Habit, and more. He also works part time with the non-profit to continue raising awareness about ways to make college education more affordable. 

One thing that marks his passion for service is being involved. He loves to contribute his talents and abilities as part of a mission-driven group that serves a higher cause. He started volunteering with CHRD to continue his passion for serving the community by creating digital experiences that empower and affirm others. He also enjoys traveling, hiking, photography, listening to music, and spending time with family.